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Make use of our professional services, industry-best practices and leading technology to modernize your business and optimize your infrastructure. Productivity and operational excellence rely on technology supporting the greater business strategy. From assessment and design, to implementation and support we can help you throughout the whole process.

Automotive Innovation
(Value Generation)

Our experienced innovation team work alongside clients to identify and implement the right strategies and capabilities to ensure that continuous, pragmatic, thinking drives improved business performance. We advise innovatively on strategy, leadership, design, and commercialisation, as well as bringing a strong and deep set of technology capabilities.

Go to Market & Growth

Y Mobility can help you define compelling business development and marketing strategies that improve revenue performance and promote customer retention and loyalty. We work with you to develop targeted pricing strategies, improve portfolio management and optimise your sales channels to deliver long-term profitability.

Product Validation and

Y Mobility can assist its clients to validate, identify the gaps in their products, create and launch unique services or products to penetrate the Automotive and Mobility market. From business planning, board development, strategic development, to financial services our consultants use their combined years of experience and knowledge to provide you with results driven advice and guidance.

Business Development and
Partnership Strategy

Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Networking are the three pillars to understand and the clients and have a customer centric view to place a new product introduction. In Y-Mobility we have a team of
experts technical and business development consultant that would support your sales and business development team to open the relationships with the key decision maker in the automotive and mobility.


Innovation Strategy
Innovation Strategy

Y-Mobility is working with AEVAC (Asociación Espanola del Vehículo Autónomo y Conectado) leading the growth strategy, market strategy and partner relationships since 2016.

Y–Mobility developed a 5-year strategy to transform the organization to be the leader in autonomous innovation in Spain in the near future. Y-mobility is also supporting the association with ACES and big data solutions from our portfolio of services.

Automotive Market penetration
Automotive  Market penetration

KDPOF have experienced quite a high market resistance whilst introducing their product to the automotive market. Their product is disruptive and the strategy they took was not achieving the penetration to which they aspired.

Automotive Market penetration
Automotive  Market penetration

AvidBeam has developed an AI toolset for automated annotation of video and LIDAR information. This is of particular interest for the automotive market, as enriched raw sensor data are required and valuable for the validation and verification of highly autonomous driving vehicles. The start-up contacted us as the needed advise to enter the automotive market and for further funding.

Intelligent Mobility

Intelligent mobility is the future of our transportation and technology.

Focusing on the customer-centric approach to mobility and how to deliver a fully integrated transport system.

ACES Solutions

The development and implementation of new solutions for Autonomous, Connected Electric and Share Mobility vehicles for start as well as well as companies of a larger size. We provide you with the business intelligence, networks and insight to design the best mobility and CAV product strategy & Implementation. We are also able to help at initial stages of a project including investment and funding. 

Ai & Big Data

Collecting, aggregating and analysing data to improve strategic decision making and operational network performance. ML Learning and Big Data are two key enablers of mobility and CAV. Our experienced team of advisors are able to guide and support you to design the best architecture and strategy with an aim to get the best possible ROI from your data.

EE Architectures

Architectures, Safety and Cyber-Security are the core pillars of a robust  and resilient system. Y-Mobility provides future Electrical architecture, systems engineering sand validation and verification services for the agile development of embedded and safety-critical systems. Our team has extensive experience in developing “super-systems” and systems architectures on EV, connected cars and Autonomous vehicles


Service Abstraction (OEM) modular framework for control
Service Abstraction (OEM) modular framework for control

As part of the push to a 21st century transport solution we are continuing to drive through several collaboration partnerships a structured framework that enables safety critical control to be delivered and extend securely as a reusable control platform for mobility.

Predicting equipment failure in Manufacturing
Predicting equipment failure in Manufacturing

Y-Mobility has a large experience designing and developing data products to accompany digital transformation strategies with the delivery of operational data driven solutions. Among others, Y-Mobility has worked closely with Michelin to build an operational platform to monitor and predict failures of the equipment in their tyre manufacturing plant in Vitoria (Spain). As a result more than 1000 units of production equipment are currently predictively maintained, with a significant reduction of process interruption and human intervention.

Validation & Verification Strategy (Large Technical Consultancy)
Validation & Verification Strategy (Large Technical Consultancy)

Y-Mobility was defining the service strategy and market penetration for Validation and Verification services from a large consultancy. The aim of the project was to define the strategy, penetration and growth strategy as well as the the products and services.


Intelligent mobility is the future of our transportation and technology.

Focusing on the customer-centric approach to mobility and how to deliver a fully integrated transport system.

Embedded & Digital Transformation

In the industrial sectors there is not a Digital transformation without an impact in the machines (embedded systems). Machines & Digital transformation initiatives are key to modernizing your business technology especially when it comes to the Intelligent mobility and Transportation industries. Identifying opportunities for innovation that lead to impactful business outcomes is a challenge that we thrive under and have years of experience in.

Mentoring and Accelerate

Y Mobility is not only able to help you acquire valuable knowledge of innovation processes and technology disruption but also engage with entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders and peers to share best practices and develop mentoring, advising and acceleration programs in Mobility and Automotive.

Knowledge Transfer

Transferring the knowledge of new technologies across your organization is crucial.  Our global Innovation Networks and our experience in Knowledge transfer allows us to create hubs and communities inside your organization to educate and promote new technology.


connected autonomous

Y-Mobility in association with AEVAC and other large organizations  are building a transfer hub to share knowledge and ideas on the implementation and adoption of the ACES projects in Spain and EU.

Automotive Market Intelligence
Automotive  Market Intelligence

B4Motion is a venture building specialist in Mobility and connected vehicles. They approached Y-Mobility because they want to develop a knowledge transfer program to learn about the automotive ecosystems and the embedded and critical systems. Y-Mobility was working with the team at B4Motion in 2017 and 2018 to develop the program and support  some of their companies.

Automotive Market penetration
Automotive  Market penetration

HearMeOut had developed an  infotainment systems that can create communities whilst you are driving. Their product, a voice activated application provides combined access to all social media platforms in a single interface so that a driver can share their experience or their ideas safely whilst they drive.

Market Research &

Due Diligence

Y-Mobility is supporting investors , corporates and VCs in Technical due diligence in Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Mobility technology

Investment Relationships

Y-Mobility has a large network of investors with an
interest in ACES, Energy and AI in EU, USA and China.

Investment Readiness

Y-Mobility is supporting Start Ups in funding rounds
activities to select the best deal for the growth of the

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